Week of August 29th

Small update for the week!

We have a new Bird Call Cream Ale on Nitro with Tart Cherries and Vanilla as well as our Street Walker Simcoe IPA with Grapefruit added in.

We're on the last keg of Tiger Ride for a little bit so get it while you can!

Carlsbad Brew Fest is happening next weekend at Holiday Park. Make sure to grab your tickets soon. More info at http://www.carlsbadbrewfest.org/

Week of August 22nd

Here is what we are starting off the week with (can change throughout the week)

It has been a while since we've checked-in, and a lot has been happening around Culver Beer Co. As we move into late summer we wanted to have some lighter offerings on the board.

  • We have the Pony Up Pale Ale back on top. It is our example of a classic West Coast Pale. Firm Crystal Malt body is balanced by a strong bitterness that finishes with a big citrus and spicy hop aroma of Cascade and Centennial. 5.3%
  • We're proud to introduce our Slow Lane Pilsner. Continental malts and Noble hops provide a crisp, dry, and refreshing Pilsner with a floral hop aroma. 5.5%
  • Lastly, our Bird Call Cream Ale is a new addition. At 5.0% this Cream Ale has more character as a Lager, but remains incredibly drinkable. Lightly hopped with Amarillo it finishes dry with a slight tropical hop aroma. We look forward to doing a fruit one-off to put on Nitro.

We now offer 32 ounce Growlers!

Our Food Truck Schedule for this week includes:

Thu - Red Oven Pizza
Fri - Mexico City Cuisine

We will be pouring beers in two weeks (Saturday, September 10th) at the Carlsbad Brew Festival in Holiday Park. We look forward to seeing everyone there!  More information can be found at http://www.carlsbadbrewfest.org/

See you in the Tasting Room!


Week of July 18th

Hey everyone!

Here is what is happening this week at Culver Beer Company

Wednesday - Closed for private party (welcome Yelp! Brewventures!)
Thursday - Open 4PM-9PM
Friday - Open 4PM - 10PM with Pure Burger
Saturday - Open 1PM - 10PM
Saturday - Open 12PM-6PM

Here is what's on tap! (subject to change)


We have a 5.5% Pilsner Lager and 5.1% Cream Ale coming soon! Stay tuned!

Join us this Friday night with Pure Burger