Lets get caught up.

As we said in the last blog post it has been a busy year here at Culver Beer Company. It has been a little over a year since we turned in the first paperwork to get the process started. As we get closer to opening we'd like to share our progress.  The transformation of the warehouse was not a small task and countless hours were put in to make it into a brewery.  Here is a brief timeline and a collection pictures from the build out!

  • January 20 - Conditional Use Permit submitted to the City of Carlsbad
  • April 3 - TTB approval
  • May 20 - Approval from the City Planning Commission
  • June 18 - Approval from the City Council
  • Sept 21 - City Plans approved by the city - construction started
  • October 8 - ABC License Granted
  • December 4 - First brew!
  • February 9 - Final city check

We are extremely excited to be moving into our soft opening here in a week or two so keep up with us on social media so you can join us for a beer!